Bible Studies

Paused for the summer after June 1st.

with Pastor Julia via ZOOM

Mondays @ 7:00 PM and Thursdays @ Noon.

Thursday studies will be hybrid, on Zoom and in person in the Parish Hall at the same time.

Please Join Us!

Please email the church office if you'd like to join on Zoom.

We look forward to hearing from you.

This chart is Sunday Service Readings

Sunday Service Readings

Summer Readings Suggestions

1. Listen to 1-2 Samuel. By listening, we experience the biblical narrative in its original format (as close as possible). If you don’t have the Bible on tape or CD and you do have a smartphone, I recommend the app- NRSV for Everyone- which is .99 cents. The app will read the Bible in that translation to you. The Common English Version is available, as are other translations, as an audiobook via Amazon.

2. Read through or listen to Hebrews in anticipation of our fall study.

3. Novels about David or his wives:

  • a. The Shepherd and The King (Brian Saye)
  • b. The Rise of David (Brian Saye)
  • c. The Secret Chord (Geraldine Brooks)
  • d. The Wives of King David – three book series by Jill Eileen Smith

4. Novels about the Bible in general:

  • a. The Robe (Lloyd C. Douglas) (Peter, Jesus, other disciples)
  • b. The Gilded Cage (by Brownstein) (about Queen Esther)
  • c. The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel (by Wangerin)